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How to improve the sawing accuracy of the sawing machine

The metal band sawing machine pays great attention to the accuracy of the workpiece processing. The accuracy of a workpiece is not enough. How to increase the sawing accuracy of the sawing machine when the metal band sawing machine is sawing, there are mainly the following methods:

1. It is very important to choose a good saw blade. Using a good saw blade to cut a workpiece is undoubtedly one of the factors in obtaining a good saw cut.

2. The saw blade held by the guide angle of the guide arm of the band saw is not perpendicular to the sawing machine. At this time, we need to install the saw blade and adjust the bolts of the guide angle of the saw so that the saw blade is perpendicular to the work surface.

3. Abnormal vibration generated during the operation of the sawing machine, too large a gear gap, too little power of the sawing machine, improper use of fixtures and inappropriate ratio of coolant, etc., will cause great harm to the saw blade.

4. The speed of the metal band sawing machine is too high, the feed speed is too slow, and the water of the saw blade is overheated.

5. The band saw blade may wear out. If the saw blade has repair value, it can be repaired, if not, the saw blade should be replaced.

6. The distance between the two guide arms of the band saw is too large, adjust the distance of the guide arms.

7. The band saw blade may be loose, tension the saw blade.

8. The small bearing that clamps the sawing machine in the leading angle of the sawing machine may be damaged, so replace the small bearing.

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