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Characteristics of NC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. It is a digitally controlled hole drilling machine. Its features:

1. Each coordinate movement is driven by servo motor, which is convenient, flexible and stable in accuracy.

2. The basic layout is: the sliding seat moves through the whole length of the bed, single side open type, simple and convenient structure, convenient for the up and down installation of workpieces and sanitary cleaning after work, easy maintenance, small floor area, suitable for the processing and production of long workpieces.

3. The column on the sliding seat is the same as that of ordinary radial drilling machine. The radial arm can rise and fall up and down, which is convenient for the processing of workpieces with different heights.

4. The main shaft is 16-stage variable speed, and the cutting torque is expanded dozens of times. It is a Morse taper hole, and the drill bit can be directly installed.

5. The bed is of cast structure and can be lengthened in multiple sections. Users can choose or customize it by themselves.

6. The x-axis, i.e. sliding seat, adopts reducer, gear and rack imported from Germany to ensure the stiffness and accuracy during movement.

7. There is no protective pull plate on the bed guide rail to ensure that the rack, grating ruler and electromechanical electrical switch are not polluted by the outside world.

8. X-axis adopts imported original grating ruler to ensure the positioning accuracy of x-axis.

9. It adopts Siemens 802D numerical control system, AC servo and rare earth permanent magnet motor, with high performance, high reliability, safety and durability.

10. Ultra thin LCD, oil proof keyboard, beautiful and generous appearance

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