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Main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle of surface grinder

The surface grinder can process materials with high hardness, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc; It can also process brittle materials, such as glass and granite. The grinder can be used for grinding with high precision and small surface roughness, as well as high efficiency grinding, such as strong grinding.

Hf618 precision forming surface grinder
The grinder can process various surfaces, such as inner and outer cylindrical and conical surfaces, plane, involute tooth profile surface, spiral surface and various formed surfaces. The surface grinder can be used for rough machining, rough machining, finish machining and super finish machining. It can process all kinds of high hard and super hard materials. It can also sharpen tools and cut off. The process range is very wide.

Jpmy250 hydraulic surface grinder
The nozzle of the surface grinder is equipped with an adjustable air flow baffle, which can adjust the distance between the baffle and the grinding wheel as the diameter of the grinding wheel decreases. This nozzle can make the flow of grinding fluid close to the surface of the grinding wheel, enter the grinding area smoothly, and prevent the splashing of grinding fluid. It is a better cooling nozzle.

Turret milling machine 3
Main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle of surface grinder:
In order to install an auxiliary nozzle in the main nozzle, the main nozzle mainly sprays the grinding fluid into the grinding area. The auxiliary nozzle is arranged with many small holes (diameter 1 ~ 2.5mm) to spray the grinding fluid onto the surface of the grinding wheel to form a wind shield to block the air flow and force the reversed air flow to change the direction, so as to ensure that the grinding fluid ejected by the main nozzle can be smoothly injected into the grinding area, Attention must be paid to the jet direction of the nozzle. The general direction is 5 ° ~ 10 ° in the forward direction, which has a good scouring effect. If it is 5 ° ~ 10 ° in the reverse direction, the grinding fluid will rush the cutting into the grinding wheel table, and the splashing of the grinding fluid is also serious. In particular, it is proposed that the small hole pressure scouring the grinding wheel plays a significant role in improving the skill removal rate, the durability of the grinding wheel and reducing the grinding temperature. The effect of small hole scouring on grinding wheel increases with the increase of scouring pressure and the decrease of distance from grinding wheel.

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