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CNC Intelligent High Speed Horizontal Band Saw (CH-450NC)

Product description:
1.Constant load sawing
The feed speed is automatically adjusted in real time according to the sawing load to achieve constant load sawing.

2.Saw blade line speed automatic adjustment
Saw blade line speed is automatically adjusted and optimized in real time according to the change of sawing feed speed, which effectively solves the chip removal problem during fast sawing.

3.Automatic recognition and running-in of new saw blades
The device can recognize the saw blade replacement process. After the saw blade is replaced, the saw blade running-in function is automatically turned on to effectively improve the service life of the saw blade.

4.The spindle motor of the variable frequency motor is directly connected to the reducer
Improve the transmission efficiency and reduce the vibration of the equipment, thereby improving the cutting efficiency and the service life of the saw blade.

5.Self-learning function
During automatic sawing, the system automatically corrects the acceleration / deceleration time and the acceleration / deceleration area according to the previous cutting situation. Makes the sawing effect infinitely closer to the best sawing effect.

6. Utilization of the Internet of Things (optional)
You can use a mobile phone or computer to connect to the Internet to operate the device and view processing parameters, basic parameters, and device status.

7, MES system interface (optional)
Relevant material information is obtained from the manufacturing execution system MES, and the process information generated at the same time is transmitted back to the MES system, and the MES is provided with data requirements such as production cycle, production energy consumption, product qualification rate, capacity, equipment failure, equipment maintenance, etc. Intelligent requirements and lean management needs of enterprises.

8. Servo feeding (optional)
Fast positioning and improved feeding accuracy.

9.Real-time device animation
The device is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen, and the device status and animation can be displayed on the touch screen in real time.

10.Pre-guided wheel adopts taper
Increase the contact area between the pre-guide wheel and the saw blade (point contact and line contact).

Maximum sawing size Round material: Ø450 mm
Square material: 450X450mm
main motor power 11kW inverter motor
Band saw blade specifications 41×1.3×6340 mm Hydraulic motor power 2.25kW
Band saw blade cutting speed 30-120m/min Cooling pump power 120W
Band saw blade feed speed Servo automatic stepless speed regulation Feed servo motor power 1.8kW
Single feed cylinder stroke 500mm

* Extreme sawing: φ300mm 45 # solid bar material, sawing time: 2 minutes 52 seconds

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