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CS-280S Metal Angle Band Saw Machine

Angle band sawing machine is a sawing equipment often used in the sawing machine industry, and now band sawing machine is widely used by metal enterprises. Then the problem comes. The types and functions of band sawing machines are diversified, and it is difficult for purchasing companies to choose among many band sawing machine manufacturers. Shanghai ANTS band sawing machine manufacturer is currently the strongest domestic band sawing machine manufacturer, whether it is The research and development technology and after-sales service are very mature. The angle band sawing machine, CNC band sawing machine, high-speed band sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine, customized band sawing machine, etc. it produces are of high quality and stable performance, and have been recognized and purchased by many buyers.

Take the angle band sawing machine CS-280S as an example to see the characteristics of this band sawing machine:
1. This band sawing machine is the introduction and absorption of the performance characteristics of foreign sawing machines, hydraulic balance cylinder, high-strength balance spring and hydraulic stepless speed regulation;
2. When the angle band sawing machine operates, the workpiece to be sawed does not move, and the saw frame can be rotated 0-45° in the forward direction or 0-60° in the reverse direction. This sawing machine is suitable for sawing various angle steels, circular Tubes, rectangular tubes, etc., to realize bevel cutting of materials
3. The bed table of the clamp part of the band saw machine can move forward and backward, which is convenient for clamping materials.
4. Hydraulic clamping and loosening of the workpiece, easy to operate
5. Saw blade guide with rolling bearing and carbide
6. Smart Welding: Robotic welding, beyond human limits to ensure stability, uniformity and consistency
7. Special processing: micron-level precision CNC multi-faceted one-time processing, shot peening, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant coating, to ensure the high precision, durability and reliability of the parts
8. Six system-level evolution, new standard for all-round sawing

CS-280S Angle Metal Band Saw Machine is a device for sawing metal materials with bimetal saw blades. It has the advantages of compact structure, fast cutting speed, high precision, narrow saw gap, low noise and convenient operation. It is a new energy-saving product to replace circular saw and hack saw. It is widely used for sawing various metal materials in various industries such as electromechanical, metallurgy, automobile, bridge, ship.

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