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Daily maintenance plan of HY series high-speed circular saw

In the process of using high-speed circular sawing machine, various problems will be encountered, some of which are common in daily life. Learning to deal with it will make enterprises using high-speed circular sawing machine more efficient and save unnecessary time and cost. .

Problem 1. The circular saw blade suddenly stops working or the equipment stops moving:
Treatment plan:
Most of this situation is a circuit problem. You should immediately cut off the power supply, check the circuit, test whether the voltage is stable, whether the power supply is normal, whether the ground wire is connected, whether there is any influence on the voltage equipment, etc. There is another situation , It is the problem of the equipment itself, see whether the saw blade is stuck or other parts should be checked together; if there is a problem with the equipment itself, this requires a professional to check.

Problem two, the operator’s voice is very loud in the operating equipment
Treatment plan:
Most of the possibility is the bearing, such as eccentricity, damage, gear damage, etc. of the grinding wheel. This kind of hardware damage should contact the supplier and stop the maintenance or change.

Common problem three, the high-speed circular saw machine has large vibration from time to time
Treatment plan:
First check whether the equipment is placed up and down or uneven, check whether the equipment bearing is damaged, the machine housing should be kept intact, whether the grinding wheel of the equipment is eccentric, etc., and finally check whether the gear is intact and whether the bearing seat is worn or not; If there is still no way to deal with the problem, contact the manufacturer immediately and stop the treatment.

Problem four, the maintenance shell on the high-speed circular saw machine is worn out
Treatment plan:
The company should carefully check the integrity of the equipment when purchasing equipment. If the maintenance shell is found to be damaged or worn during use, the possibility is caused by artificial negligence, such as: the staff does not care about the equipment and the use time If it is too long, the temperature is too high during use, it will cause ablation, and it will wear through for too long. You can contact the manufacturer to change it.

Problem five, metal circular sawing machine equipment produces smoke
Treatment plan:
This kind of phenomenon means that the equipment is entering the aging stage, which is unavoidable. However, if it is not long after the equipment has been bought, it is likely that it has not been maintained for a long time. If the company does not care about the cleanliness of the equipment, do not press Request, excessive use, there is no reasonable rest time; there is another situation that the equipment parts are aging, or the metal circular saw blade has reached the service life, and it needs to stop changing. When such a situation occurs, the equipment should be stopped immediately. Troubleshoot the problem, you can turn it on again before the problem is resolved.

Problem six, machine tool equipment presents a peculiar smell
Treatment plan:
If the operator finds that the equipment has a peculiar smell while working, he should immediately stop the equipment and cut off the power supply. It may be due to a line problem, a system inspection of the equipment, or the equipment is fatigued and transitioned, resulting in a high temperature phenomenon. If you can find out the situation, you should ask a professional to come over for maintenance.

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