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Introduction of Universal Milling Machine

Milling machines are commonly used for general-purpose processing. The spindle to which the milling cutter is connected can be horizontal (slab milling) or longitudinal (for milling). Bed-type milling machines have tables mounted on the bed (replace the knees) and are movable not only in Longitudinal direction. These machines are simple and rigid to build and are used for high-volume production. The spindle can be horizontal or vertical and can be two-phase or three-cylinder type (that is, two or three spindles can process two or three parts of the surface at the same time). Other types of milling machines are also available, such as the planer type for heavy work and other uses of the machine.

The milling machine is suitable for using various rod milling cutters, circular milling cutters, and angle milling cutters to mill planes, bevels, grooves, etc. If you use multi-purpose milling heads, round tables, indexing heads and other milling machine accessories, you can expand the processing range of the machine tool. The machine tool has sufficient rigidity and power, has a strong processing capacity, can carry out high-speed and heavy-load cutting work, gear processing. It is suitable for heavy and large machining such as die steel processing, mining equipment, industrial equipment, etc. The worktable of the multi-purpose milling machine can rotate 45° to the left and right. When the worktable rotates at an angle and the indexing head attachment is used, various spiral surfaces can be processed. The three-way feed screw of the milling machine is a trapezoidal screw or a ball screw. ANTS MACHINE is a professional milling machine manufacturer.

Chinese name: milling machine

Function: milling plane, bevel, groove

Advantages: sufficient rigidity and power

Features: Gear processing

Milling Machine
Vertical Machining Centre (VMC)
Horizontal Machining Centre (HMC)
Gantry Machining Centre

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