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Causes and effects of gaps in CNC machine tools

Reasons for the gap of CNC machine tools:

1. There is a gap between the ball screw of the machine tool and the nut pair, which cannot be in close contact, resulting in shaft movement.

2. With the use of the machine tool, the wear gradually intensifies, resulting in gaps.


3. When the worktable moves in the reverse direction, the motor runs idly and the worktable does not move, causing a positioning error of ±D/2 and affecting the accuracy of the machine tool

4. When the gap is too large, the dynamic response characteristics will deteriorate and oscillation will occur


1. High-precision ball screws are used

2, pre-tighten when installing the screw

3, use the CNC system command to compensate the gap

Measurement of backlash error of CNC machine tools

1. According to the difference between the grating feedback value and the position command, the machine tool backlash error D is measured

2. According to the difference between the actual position of the machine tool measured by the laser interferometer and the position command, the machine backlash error D is measured.

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