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Gear Internal CNC Grinding Machine

Item Specifications
Table Size 800×400mm
Max Vertical Travel of Long 850mm
Max Vertical Travel of Cross 430mm
Max Vertical Travel of Grinding Head 540mm
Max Loading Capacity 550Kg
Number of T-slot 14X3mm/n
Table Speed 5-25m/min
Longitudinal Handwheel Movement 0.02mm/grid  5mm/r
Longitudinal Automatic Handwheel Movement 0.1-10mm
Longitudinal Movement Rapid Speed 50HZ  790mm/min
Grinding Wheel Dim 350X40X127mm
Smindle Speed 2800/3600r/min
Max Up and Down Movement 500mm
Up and Down Handwheel Movement Up and Down Rapid Movement 0.001/grid  0.2mm/r
Speed Spindle Motor 5.5KW
Up and Down Motor 90W
Longitudinal Motor 120W
Oil Pump Motor 2.2KW
Machine Height 1980mm
Area covered 2300X3850mm
Net Weight 2700kg

Application and performance characteristics of machine tools
1.1. This product is a mobile surface grinder with a trolley, which mainly uses the periphery of the grinding wheel to grind the surface of the workpiece and the end surface of the grinding wheel to grind the vertical surface of the workpiece.

1.2. Machine tool structure
This machine adopts a mobile trolley layout, which is composed of a bed, a column, a trolley, a grinding head, and a worktable. The bed and trolley adopt double V-shaped guide rails, and the trolley and worktable adopt one flat and one V-shaped guide rail. The frame moves horizontally along the bed, the workbench moves longitudinally along the guide rails on the frame, and the workbench guide rails are pasted with PTFE tape. The column is a steel-inlaid rectangular guide rail with six contact surfaces, which has good wear resistance, rigidity and movement sensitivity.

1.3. Grinding head
The main drive of the grinding head adopts an AC motor to drive the grinding wheel spindle to rotate. The spindle axis of the grinding head is parallel and fixed along the Y axis.

1.4. Longitudinal movement of the worktable
The longitudinal movement of the worktable is driven by hydraulic pressure. The direction valve of Taiwan grinder is used to control the single-rod bidirectional hydraulic cylinder with stepless speed regulation, which can promote the left and right movement of the worktable. Smooth movement, 3M slow speed does not crawl, easy to operate the knife.

1.5. The carriage moves laterally
The horizontal movement of the trolley adopts a ball screw driven by an AC motor to realize the functions of horizontal continuous, intermittent feed, micro feed (special configuration) and stepless speed regulation. The hand wheel is used to realize the tool setting function and the micro-feed function, which is convenient for bevel grinding.

1.6. Vertical movement of the grinding head
The vertical movement of the grinding head uses an AC motor to drive Taiwan’s precision T-shaped screw to achieve micro-feed (special configuration) and stepless speed regulation, and the handwheel to achieve tool setting and micro-feed functions.

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