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BV8H vertical machining center

Vertical machining center BV8H adopts linear guides in X Y and Z axis, no counterweight in Z axis. It features high cost-performance, light in weight, high speed, high accuracy and stability.


1) Linear guides in X Y and Z axis, high speed, high accuracy and stability;

2) Disk type magazine BT40X24T for quick tool changes and convenient operation;

3) Beautiful and concise in full-closed design and small is footprint;

4) Standard equipment of 8000r/min belt spindle, 12000r/min direct spindle for high speed machining is optional.

Standard Equipment

FANUC 0i MF(5) control

Belt type spindle 8000r/min made in Taiwan

Disk type magazine BT40×24 made in Taiwan

Linear guides in X Y and Z

Ball screws made in Taiwan

Air-conditioner for electric cabinet

Tri-color patrol light

Portable electronic handwheel

Optional Equipment

FANUC 0i MF(1) or other controls

High speed direct spindle12000r/min made in Taiwan

Spindle oil cooler

Other type of magazine BT40

Items Unit Parameters
Work Table Dimension (L×W) mm 550×1000
T-slots 5×18×90
Max load capacity kg 500
Travel X-axis travel mm 800
Y-axis travel mm 550
Z-axis travel mm 550
Distance of spindle nose   to table face mm 120-670
Distance of spindle   center to column mm 590
Spindle Spindle taper hole BT40
Spindle motor power kW 7.5/11
Max. spindle speed r/min 8000
Feed Max. feed rate   (X/Y/Z) mm/min 10000
Rapid traverse(X/Y/Z) m/min 48/48/48
Others Power kVA/V 20/380
Air pressure Mpa 0.6
Air source L/min 250
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 2650×2280×2900*
Net Weight kg 4500

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