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Brief description of EDM drills

EDM drills machine (spark-erosion drilling machine) refers to an EDM machine that uses the principle of EDM to process holes with a size of less than 5mm. It is used to process small and medium-sized punching dies. Its processing characteristics are not limited by the hardness of metal materials. The template can be quenched first and then machined with the required hole type to ensure quality and improve service life. Tool electrode materials can be steel, cast iron or copper.

The punching machine is roughly divided into two types according to the medium used. One is the liquid punching machine. Since the liquid processing has to pass through the small hole of the copper rod, it may block the small hole of the copper rod, so the minimum hole can be processed 0.15mm, and the depth is also Only 350mm can be processed. It is widely used, and the other is a gas punching machine. The medium passing through the small holes of the copper rod is gas, so it is not easy to be blocked, and more precise small holes can be processed.

Working principle&application
EDM punching machine, also known as EDM punching machine, EDM small hole machine, EDM fine hole discharge machine, its working principle is to use the thin metal copper tube (called electrode wire) that continuously moves up and down vertically as the electrode, to the work piece. Perform pulsed spark discharge metal removal molding. Different from wire EDM machine tools and forming machines, the electrode of its electric pulse is a hollow copper rod, and the medium passes through the fine hole in the middle of the copper rod hole, which plays the role of cooling and chip removal.

The discharge between the electrode and the metal produces high temperature corrosion of the metal to achieve the purpose of perforation, and is used to process the pores of super hard steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum and any conductive substances. It can process small holes with a minimum size of 0.015mm, and can also process small holes with taper. It is widely used in precision mold processing. Spinneret, chemical fiber spinneret, spinneret hole of spinneret, filter plate, group hole of sieve plate, engine blade, heat dissipation hole of cylinder block, oil circuit and air circuit hole of hydraulic and pneumatic valve body, etc.

Features of EDM drills machine
1. It is suitable for processing various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cemented carbide, copper and aluminum.
2. The processing aperture is Φ0.3~Φ3.0mm, and the maximum depth-diameter ratio can reach more than 200:1.
3. The maximum processing speed can reach 20~60mm per minute.
4. Use tap water as the working fluid directly from the inclined plane and curved surface.
5. The X, Y and Z axes of the worktable are equipped with digital display devices.
6. With automatic electrode trimming function.
7. The spindle lift has the function of fast up and down.
8. With the function of adjustable processing voltage.
9. It has the function of leaning to the side.

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