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Structural Characteristics of Milling Machine Tools

1. It can complete multiple processes such as turning the outer circle, milling polygons, thread picking, and drawing grooves at one time.

2. It can complete the milling of two-sided, four-sided, six-sided and other multilateral products at one time, and can also process multi-sided products such as taper six-sided, intermediate milling six-sided, or head chamfering and tail chamfering of hexagonal products and radian products.

3. Various processes such as high-speed turning of workpieces and multi-layer low-speed turning can be realized.

4. The foot of the bed adopts a conjoined structure and adopts imported linear guide rails, which has good seismic performance and strong rigidity.

5. The hydraulic clamping device is adopted to improve the mechanical automation of the machine tool.

Top ten structural features of turn-milling compound machine tools!

6. Excellent cast iron resin sand molding, compact rib structure, good rigidity and strong earthquake resistance.

7. Linear slide rail for high rigidity, high precision, and high-speed precision ball screw.

8. The two-axis rotation is directly connected by a servo motor and a precision ball screw through an elastic coupling, with good force condition and high positioning accuracy. It is equipped with a computer automatic lubrication system to lubricate the linear guide and the ball screw.

9. The hydraulic station adopts Taiwan variable pump, hydraulic motor, solenoid valve, and air cooling device, with low noise and low oil temperature.

10. Using servo spindle, adding two-axis radial or axial servo power head, can realize 360-degree arbitrary indexing positioning of the spindle. It has the functions of drilling, tapping and milling on the side end face, and can complete the processing of complex parts in one clamping.

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