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How does the electric control system of Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine work?

The electric control system is an important part of Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine. Generally, the manufacturer of radial drilling machine will have special schematic diagram and text introduction of the electric control part. In order to facilitate you to quickly understand the work of the electric control system of 3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine, we will summarize the function of the electric control system from nine aspects.

1. In order to meet the processing requirements of various forms, the rotation and feed movement of the spindle of Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine have a large speed regulation range, which is usually realized by mechanical speed change mechanism. The spindle speed change mechanism and feed speed change mechanism are installed in the spindle box.

2. When machining threads, it is required that the main shaft can be forward and reverse. The forward and reverse rotation of the spindle of Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine is generally realized by mechanical method. Therefore, the spindle motor only needs to rotate in one direction.

3. The rocker arm lifting motor shall be able to rotate forward and reverse.

4. The main motion and feed motion of the rocker drill are the motion of the main shaft. Therefore, these two motions are driven by a main shaft motor, which respectively realize the rotation and feed of the main shaft through the main shaft transmission mechanism and feed transmission mechanism.

5. There are many moving parts of rocker drill. In order to simplify the transmission device, multiple motors are used to drive. For example, Z3080 hydraulic rocker drilling machine is driven by four motors, which are spindle motor, rocker lifting motor, hydraulic pump motor and cooling pump motor. These motors all adopt direct starting mode.

6. The cooling pump motor drives the cooling pump to provide coolant, which only requires one-way rotation.

7. The clamping and loosening of internal and external spindles and the clamping and loosening of spindles and rocker arms can be realized by mechanical operation, electrical mechanical devices, electrical hydraulic or electrical hydraulic mechanical control methods. If the hydraulic device is adopted, the hydraulic pump motor shall be equipped to drive the hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil. The hydraulic pump motor shall be able to rotate forward and reverse, and inching control shall be adopted according to the requirements.

8. The rocker arm shall be moved in strict accordance with the procedure of rocker arm loosening → moving → rocker arm clamping. Therefore, the clamping and lifting of the rocker arm are controlled automatically.

9.Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine has interlocking and protection links, as well as safety lighting and signal indication circuits.

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