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The structure principle of the coordinate grinder

The coordinate grinder is a machine tool developed for the purpose of eliminating heat treatment deformation of materials. It can grind holes with high precision in hole pitch and various contour shapes. The machine tool is equipped with a precision coordinate mechanism, and each moving part of the grinding wheel frame and the worktable is equipped with a data device, which can display the magnitude of its movement.

The coordinate grinder is equipped with a precision coordinate positioning device, which is used for grinding precision holes and forming surfaces that require high precision in the hole pitch. The coordinate grinder and the coordinate boring machine have the same structural layout, but the difference is that the boring spindle is replaced with a high-speed grinding head. During grinding, the workpiece is fixed on a worktable that can be positioned and moved according to coordinates. In addition to high-speed rotation, the grinding wheel also rotates at a slow speed through a planetary transmission mechanism and can move vertically. The radial feed can be realized by changing the radius of the planetary movement of the grinding head. The grinding head is usually a high-frequency electric grinding head or an air turbine grinding head. In addition to grinding cylindrical holes, the coordinate grinder can also grind the inner and outer surfaces of arcs and conical holes, etc. It is mainly used for processing hardened workpieces, punching dies, and pressing dies. Install the insert grinding accessory on the grinding head to make the axis of the grinding wheel in a horizontal position. The grinding wheel does not make planetary movement but only reciprocates up and down. It can perform grinding similar to the slotting form to process the inner gear ring, indexing plate and cam, etc. . With the application of digital control technology, coordinate grinders have been able to grind various shaped surfaces.

1. Working principle of coordinate grinder

1. When grinding a hole, the working edge of the grinding wheel will deviate from the axis of the planetary spindle by one workpiece radius. In addition to its own rotation, the grinding wheel must revolve around the planetary spindle during the grinding process. At the same time, it is necessary to expand the eccentricity during the gantry grinding process, and carry out a small amount of feed, in this way to obtain fine control of the hole.

2. During surface grinding, the planetary spindle generally does not rotate, but the worktable moves along the X-direction or Y-direction to achieve it. The feed of the grinding wheel is still used to expand the eccentric radius and carry out a micro feed.

3. In contour grinding, CNC coordinate grinder adopts point-position control type (also called fixed-point grinding), which uses the movement of X and Y coordinates to make the center of the planetary spindle coincide with the center of the arc radius on the workpiece, and use the planetary spindle The eccentric sliding plate at the lower end controls the radius size by microfeed. For continuous trajectory CNC coordinate grinding, the Fan Cheng method is used for grinding.

4. In taper hole grinding, combined radial feed and vertical feed are used for processing.

2. the characteristics and advantages of the coordinate grinder

1.The cutting tool is a multi-edged tool made of numerous small, hard and sharp non-metallic abrasive grains bonded together, and it does the main movement of high-speed rotation.

2. It has strong versatility and wider adaptability. It can process materials and parts that other machine tools cannot process

3.There are many types of grinders and a wide range, which can meet the requirements of grinding various processing surfaces, workpiece shapes and production batches.

4.The grinding machining allowance is small, the production efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation and semi-automation. It can be widely used in assembly lines and automatic lines.

5. High grinding precision and high surface quality. It can be used for general ordinary precision grinding, as well as precision grinding and high-precision grinding.

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