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Operating Instructions for Double Column Band Sawing Machine

1. Main purpose:
The double-column horizontal band sawing machine is a kind of cutting equipment that continues cutting saw. It is mainly used for cutting various metal materials such as carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, special alloy and stainless steel acid steel, and non-ferrous metal materials such as copper and aluminum.

2. Installation:
1. After the sawing machine is in place, align the anchor bolts with the foot pads and adjust the table to make it level.
2. Adjust the rear auxiliary material to make it level with the bed.
3. Connect the three-phase power supply, use 380V power supply, and should have good grounding protection.
4. Add hydraulic oil to the oil tank, and add emulsified oil and water to the water tank.

3. Preparation before starting up:
1. Check whether the oil level in the fuel tank is normal.
2. Check whether the coolant level is normal.
3. Compare the lubricating oil to oil comparison table, and lubricate the corresponding oiling position.
4. Open the saw wheel cover, check whether the saw wheel runs in the direction of the arrow, and check whether the position of the saw blade is appropriate.
5. Adjust the width of the guide arm and the saw blade clamping bolt under the guide arm to clamp the saw blade.
6. According to the different specifications of sawing materials, choose saw blades with different tooth shapes. This achieves a more ideal sawing effect.

4. operation:
1. Turn on the main power switch on the side of the control cabinet and turn it to the “ON” position.
2. Turn on the main stop switch and press the sawing button to check whether the sawing machine is operating normally.
3. Start the up button on the panel to raise the saw frame.
4. Load the saw blade and tighten the saw blade.
5. Place the material and adjust the position of the material.
6. Click the clamping button switch on the operation panel to clamp the workpiece.
7. According to different materials, adjust the speed control knob on the right side of the distribution box to adjust the cutting speed to an appropriate cutting speed, which is more conducive to protecting the equipment and the saw blade.
8. Start the run button, and the sawing starts to work.
9. Adjust the cooling valves to make the water outlets appropriate.
10. After the sawing is completed, the saw band will automatically stop running and the saw frame will rise.
11. Press the release button on the operation panel to take out the material.

5. Replace the saw blade:
1. Raise the sawing machine.
2. Loosen the bolt that clamps the saw blade under the guide arm.
3. Turn the rotating handle on the left side of the saw frame to loosen the saw blade.
4. Remove the saw band.
5. Put the new saw band on the saw wheel (note that the direction of the saw tooth should be to the right), put the saw band between the guide wheel and the clamping piece, and rotate the clamping bolt.
6. Turn the rotating handle on the left side of the saw frame to tighten the saw band and cover the guard.

6. Matters needing attention:
1. The saw band is not tightened, the jaws are not clamped, and the saw cannot be started.
2. When the saw band is broken or stuck, the machine should stop working.
3. After finishing the work, clean the machine.
4. Please pay attention to safety when working. Keep your body and hands away from the machine when the saw band is running.
5. If you don’t use it for a long time, please apply anti-rust oil on all processed surfaces.
6. In order to improve the service life of the saw blade, each time a new saw blade is updated, the running-in should be performed first, that is, the first few cuts should be cut at a low speed and a small feed rate. After the burr on the tooth tip is removed, press Cut with normal cutting parameters.

7. lubricating oil:
Please add grease or lubricating oil at appropriate intervals according to the following positions.

NO. Oilling Position Types Time
1 Hydraulic oil 46# should be used in summer, 32# should be used in winter when the temperature is low Replace every 6 months
2 Gear Oil JL-4 or JL-5 Replace every 6 months
3 Cooling water Soluble cutting fluid Anytime
4 Gearbox worm 2 places Butter or similar lubricant Filling every week
5 1 passive wheel
6 Normally unpainted sliding surface General lubricants Daily
7 Auxiliary column guide surface General lubricants Raise once a month


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