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Four possible reasons for the band saw blade slipping off the sawing machine

01. The band saw blade tension is too small, causing the saw blade to slip off

The first place to check is whether the band saw blade is tensioned. The most common cause of a band saw blade slipping is that there is not enough saw blade tension to keep it under tension. After a long period of operation, the band saw blade may slowly become loose (especially for manually tensioned sawing machines). Eventually, you need to tighten or replace the band saw blade.
Some large-scale manufacturers will use a band saw blade tension meter to check the degree of tension, and some skilled operators can judge whether the saw blade is tensioned by the sound of tapping the band saw blade. If you don’t have this kind of tension meter, but you feel that your ears are not very reliable, then you can try the following method: To check the tension, please be careful from the band saw blade Press the side to the other side. If the band saw blade is easily pushed, the tension of the band saw blade must be increased (be careful not to let other colleagues move the operation panel when checking with this method, otherwise safety accidents will easily occur). The tension of saw blades of different specifications is different, but it is not necessary to increase in proportion to the cross-sectional area of the band saw blade. If a 41mm saw blade is used instead of a 34 mm saw blade to cut the same specifications of the material to be cut, a 41mm saw blade width saw blade In fact, the increase in tension does not need to be so large, which can easily cause the band saw blade to crack.

02. The tooth tip of the band saw blade is severely worn, causing the saw blade to slip off

Another factor that causes the band saw blade to slip off is that the sharpness of the tooth tip of the band saw blade can no longer meet the sawing requirements of this material to be processed. Worn band saw blades are as unfavorable for sawing as loose band saw blades. When the band saw blade becomes blunt, it is not easy to cut into the material, forcing the sawing machine to exert greater thrust to perform the sawing, resulting in the band saw blade slipping off the wheel. Remember that different materials have different standards for the tooth tip fillet after the band saw blade passivation fails. The tooth tip arc of medium and low carbon steel may reach 0.10mm and it can still be sawed, but if it is sawing 35HRC alloy die steel, the tooth If the sharp arc is blunt to 0.05mm, it may not be able to cut.

There are several ways to determine whether the band saw blade is severely worn. The first is to carefully observe the band saw blade. If you have a magnifying glass, you can use a magnifying glass to observe the tooth tip. If you find that the tooth tip is damaged or the tooth tip is worn to a certain extent, it is time to replace the band saw blade. Another way to check is to carefully touch the saw teeth with your nails. A sharp band saw blade will scratch the nail, while a blunt band saw blade will only scratch the nail.

The last way to determine whether a band saw blade is passivated is to run the band saw to observe the sawing condition and the smoothness of the sawing. If there are: “serrated cuts, severely reduced cutting efficiency, material cannot be cut”, etc., the saw blade should be replaced.

03. The saw wheel of the sawing machine is damaged, causing the saw blade to often slip off

Another area to check (if the band saw blade looks good) is the saw wheel. If the band saw blade slips off after applying extra pressure, but the tooth tip of the band saw blade is not so blunt, the band saw blade may have slipped off the saw wheel. The best way to find out if this is the culprit is to simply check the surface of the saw wheel for wear or deformation due to wear. Any signs of damage to the saw wheel are sufficient to cause the band saw blade to slip off. To avoid this, clean the saw wheel frequently to keep it in good condition. Another way to prevent damage to the saw wheel is to loosen the saw blade when it is not in use. This can prevent premature wear of the saw wheel.

04. The bearing damage of the saw wheel may cause the saw blade to slip off

If your saw wheel shakes differently than usual, it means that the bearing of the saw wheel has been severely worn and the gap is too large to support the smooth rotation of the saw wheel. As a result, the saw wheel will swing during operation and the saw blade will slip off. You can check by rotating the wheel manually. If there is any wobble during rotation, you may need to replace the saw wheel bearing.

Of course, sometimes the simple repair of the sawing machine is not enough to restore the original performance of your sawing machine. After many years of use, the parts of the band sawing machine will experience common wear and tear that cannot be repaired. If you have checked the entire machine and still feel that it is not working properly as before, then calculate the increased use cost of the band saw and the equipment cost of buying a new sawing machine. It may be time to buy a whole new piece of equipment.

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