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Classification of diversified surface grinders

A grinding machine that grinds the flat or shaped surface of a workpiece. The main types are horizontal axis and round table surface grinder, horizontal axis and round table surface grinder, vertical axis and round table surface grinder, vertical axis and round table surface grinder, and various special surface grinders. ANTISHI Brand Grinding machines are classified according to production and process requirements:

1. Horizontal axis and rectangular table surface grinder: The workpiece is sucked or clamped on the worktable by the rectangular electromagnetic worktable, and reciprocating longitudinally. The grinding wheel carriage can make transverse intermittent feed movement along the dovetail guide rail of the sliding seat (see machine tool guide) (see machine tool), and the sliding seat can make vertical intermittent feed movement along the guide rail of the column. The grinding wheel is used to grind the workpiece with better grinding accuracy.

2. Vertical axis and round table surface grinder: The vertically arranged grinding wheel spindle grinds the workpiece with the end face of the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel carriage can make intermittent vertical feed movement along the guide rail of the column. The workpiece can be continuously ground on the rotating round table, and the production efficiency is high. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of workpieces, the round table can also move longitudinally along the bed rails.

3. Horizontal axis round table surface grinder: It is suitable for grinding round and thin workpieces, and can use the table to slant to grind annular workpieces of varying thickness.

4. Vertical axis and rectangular table surface grinder: Because the diameter of the grinding wheel is larger than the width of the worktable, the grinding area is larger, which is suitable for high-efficiency grinding.

5. Double-end face grinder: Grinding two parallel planes of the workpiece at the same time by using the end faces of the grinding wheels of two grinding heads. There are two types of horizontal axis and vertical axis. The workpiece is guided through the grinding wheel by a linear or rotary feeding device. This kind of grinder is very efficient and is suitable for mass production of parts such as bearing rings and piston rings. In addition, there are rail grinders dedicated to grinding machine tool rail surfaces, and special grinders for grinding turbine blade profiles.

ANTS Machine Company Engineers Suggest that Surface grinders should develop a time plan for maintenance work, and make corresponding inspections in accordance with the relevant time to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

1. Daily inspection
Its main projects include hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system, guide rail lubrication system, cooling system, and pneumatic system. Daily inspection is based on the normal conditions of each system to be tested. For example, when the process of the spindle lubrication system is tested, the power light should be on and the oil pump should operate normally. If the power light is off, the spindle should be kept in a stopped state and contact the mechanical engineer. Carry out repairs.

2. Weekly inspection
Its main items include surface grinder parts and spindle lubrication system, which should be checked correctly every week, especially for surface grinder parts to remove iron filings and clean up external debris.

3. Monthly inspection
Mainly check the power supply and the air dryer. The power supply voltage is rated at a frequency of 50 Hz under normal conditions. If there is any abnormality, it must be measured and adjusted. The air dryer should be disassembled once a month, then cleaned and assembled.

4. Seasonal inspection
The quarterly inspection should mainly be conducted from three aspects: the surface grinder bed, the hydraulic system, and the spindle lubrication system. For example, when inspecting the bed of a surface grinder, it mainly depends on whether the accuracy of the surface grinder and the level of the surface grinder meet the requirements in the manual. If there is any problem, you should contact the mechanical engineer immediately. When checking the hydraulic system and spindle lubrication system, if there is any problem, replace with new oil 6L and 20L, and clean it.

5. Semi-annual inspection
After half a year, the hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system and X-axis of the surface grinder should be checked. If something goes wrong, the oil should be replaced and then cleaned.

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