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Precautions for long-term downtime and placement of machine tools

There are many types of CNC machine tools, and all types of CNC machine tools have different characteristics due to their different functions, structures and systems. The content and rules of its maintenance also have their own characteristics. The specific maintenance system should be formulated and established according to the type, model and actual use of the machine tool, and with reference to the requirements of the machine tool manual. The following are some common general maintenance points.

1. Machine tool cleaning: Clean up the workpieces, fixtures, iron filings, etc. in the machine tool, clean the iron filings in the external chip conveyor; wipe the external sheet metal, clean the air conditioner of the electric control box, and the filter of the oil cooler.

2. Anti-rust treatment: Clean the workbench and wipe it with anti-rust oil; the machine tool runs slowly for one hour to lubricate the line rail; whether the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, give priority to rust prevention, and add it when the machine tool starts to work Cutting fluid.

3. Do a good job in the general power off, gas and liquid supply in the workshop: Run the Y-axis of the CNC machine tool to the middle, return the Z-axis to zero, and turn off the power switch of the machine tool, the line switch of the transformer, and the air source.

4. Waterproof and moisture-proof: close the electrical box for protection.

5. Anti-rodent treatment of the machine tool: The machine tool should also be treated with anti-mouse to prevent the mouse from biting the wire.

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