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Precautions for surface grinder

Before Homework

1. Before the operation, the operating staff need to wear protective masks, aprons and other protective equipment, fasten their clothes, and tighten the cuffs to prevent the operation with gloves;

2. Strictly carry out equipment spot inspection according to spot inspection guidelines, and make corresponding records; before grinder operation, add oil and water according to the rules of the grinder operation, check the oil level, water level, and whether the amount of oil and water is normal; oil circuit, circuit Is it unblocked; keep the smooth system clean, and the fuel tank and water tank must not be opened;

3. Check whether the handles are in the regular position, whether the operation is flexible, and whether the safety protection equipment is complete. Whether each connecting component is fastened and the brake is complete and flexible in operation;

4. Before placing the workpiece, open the wheel cover and roll the wheel by hand to check the tightness, integrity and balance of the wheel. For operations with different materials, the grinding wheels of different materials should be used. If the machine stops for more than 8 hours, it should be empty for 3-5 minutes to make the system work normally before using it;

5. The operator must understand the general function and structure of the grinder, and the transmission system to prevent the use of super functions.

In Operation

1. The surface grinder turns on the main power switch to open the magnetic suction switch, presses the oil pump and the grinding wheel start button, and starts the empty car operation. After confirming the normal operation of the components, the formal operation can be carried out;

2. Before moving the worktable. Ensure that the workpieces of the device are regular and reliable, prevent the grinding wheel from being corrected or hammered on the worktable of the machine tool, and prevent any things from being placed on the console surface to avoid damage to the machine tool and affect the machining accuracy;

3. When initiating, initiate magnetic absorption, oil pump, grinding wheel, water pump and travel switch in sequence. When cutting, strictly control the distance of the cutting to avoid excessive damage to the grinding wheel and the workpiece. Generally speaking, for the modified magnetic core, the resin adhesive type grinding wheel is generally used, and the amount of each cutting must not exceed 0.2mm, and the one and the rear cutting are controlled within 0.1mm. For the core, a metal adhesive grinding wheel is generally used, and the amount of each feed must not exceed 0.1mm, and the one feed and the rear one should be controlled within 0.05mm;

4. The length and width of the workpiece prevent the length and width of the worktable from crossing;

5. Parking is forbidden when the grinding wheel does not exit the workpiece on the working table during the grinding process. When parking, the grinding groove should be interrupted first, and then the water pump, the grinding wheel, the oil pump and the demagnetization should be interrupted in sequence before removing the grinding workpiece;

6. The positioning safety equipment must be used when actively moving the knife. When moving quickly, the position of the handle should be fixed to prevent anyone and anything from approaching within the operating range of the workbench, and pay attention to the movement of the workbench to avoid collisions;

7. For each ground workpiece, sampling inspection should be carried out (about the magnetic core. The sampling share is 3%, others depend on the specifications of the workpiece), and the workpiece can be removed only after the sampling results fully meet the skill requirements;

8. When loading and unloading the grinding wheel, the power supply should be blocked, and a wooden board should be placed on the work surface. Before loading the grinding wheel, it is necessary to ensure that the grinding wheel has been balanced and calibrated. Use special tools (diamond modifiers or workpieces) and level gauges to trim the grinding wheel and correct the balance of the working table on time. Normally, it is corrected once a week. If abnormalities occur during the operation of the machine tool. If the workpiece is deformed or the consistency is not good after grinding. The grinding wheel should be modified immediately and the work surface should be corrected;

9. During the operation, if there is any abnormal situation, the operation should be interrupted immediately, the power supply of the equipment should be turned off, and the professional maintenance personnel should be told to repair;

10. When the surface grinder is working, it should be energetically convergent, and no work that has nothing to do with the job.

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