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Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine Surface Grinder

Machine’s Feature:

1. Adopt the exceeding precise class7(P4 level) ball bearing for spindle.

2.The transmission of table can be hydraulic and manual.

3.Working from left to right and front to left are automatic.

4.The machine can grind the materials of Iron, steel, ceramics, a variety of mixed metal.

5.If the material is very hard, it will be changing the high hardness of the wheel, such as diamond grinding wheel.

6.If the material is not sensitive to magnetic, then need to choose the fixture.


Model MD618 MD820 GD-250AHD
Bench Max workpiece to be ground mm 460*180 480*200 200*500
Max travel of table mm 500*190 530*220 600*220
Max cutting area mm 500*190 520*220 600*220
Number of T-Slot mm 1*12 1*14
The amount of feed Distance from table surface to spindle center mm 335 450
Wheel size (dia*width*bore) mm 200*20*31.75 200*20*31.75 180*12.5*31.75
Spindle speeds (50Hz) r/m 2850 2850 2850/3360
Machine weight Net  kg 750 800 1160
Gross kg 800 890 1200
Packing size (L*W*H) mm 1060*1170*1870 1680*1200*1900 1750*1400*1680

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