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Precautions for vertical drilling operation

The vertical drill is installed on the ground with high rigidity. In addition to completing the processing task of bench drill, it can also process holes with large diameter and high accuracy requirements. The speed change of main shaft is operated through “shift lever”, which is simple and convenient. It is used for drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing, countersunk hole drilling, boring and thread tapping in machining. The spindle tapping can realize automatic reversal.

While bringing convenience to us, safety should be put in the first place

1. The operator must strictly abide by the four requirements and five disciplines for maintaining and using the equipment. Do not overload the equipment.

2. Before start-up, it must be carefully inspected according to the patrol inspection points and lubricated according to the lubrication chart.

3. The tools must be installed correctly during work, the drill sleeve must meet the standards, and the conical surface must be clean and free of slip marks.

4. During operation, the temperature of each bearing shall not exceed 60 ℃, and the temperature of main shaft bearing and main shaft sleeve shall not exceed 70 ℃ at the maximum speed.

5. It must be correctly and firmly clamped on the workbench, and cushion blocks must be placed on the low surface when drilling through holes.

6. When mechanical feeding is not used in operation, the control nut must be pushed inward.

7. The equipment operation and lubrication system must be checked frequently during work. If the operation and lubrication are poor, the equipment shall be stopped.

8. When unloading the drilling fixture, gently tap it with standard inclined iron and copper hammer. It is not allowed to hit it with other things.

9. The machine tool must be stopped for speed change. After the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave or entrust someone to take care of it.

10. It is forbidden to wear gloves during work.

11. Non electricians are not allowed to open the door of the electrical box.

12. When starting the equipment after stopping for more than eight hours, turn it at low speed for three to five minutes, and start working after confirming that the operation is normal.

13. When the tool rotates, it is not allowed to turn, clamp or measure the workpiece. Do not touch the rotating tool with your hands.

14. When the workpiece is finished, lower the cross arm to the lowest position, and the spindle box is close to the spindle and clamped tightly.

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