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850/500/600mm CNC vertical machine center for automatic machining

Machine characteristics:
1. The main mechanical parts are made of high-quality gray cast iron, which has good impact resistance. All castings have undergone two aging treatments to eliminate internal residual stress. Therefore, our machine can perform heavy cutting and intermittent cutting with high rigidity and good impact resistance.
2. Use CAD software to design key components, and optimize the structure through computer analysis to ensure that the structure has good strength, rigidity and thermal stability.
3. The joint surface of the parts is well polished by hand to ensure the effective contact area.

Specification VMC850L
Worktable size(LxW) 1000x500mm
T-slot (NxWx D) 5x18x100mm
X/Y/Z axis travel 850/500/600mm
Machine range
Distance from spindle center to column 572mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface 120-720mm
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle power 7.5/11kw
Max. spindle speed 8000rpm
Feed(direct drive) 
Max. feed speed 12m/min
Rapid feed speed(X/Y/Z) 32/32/30m/min
Ball screw(diameter+lead)
X/Y/Z axis ball screw 4016
Tool magazine 
Tool magazine capacity 24T
Tool change time(T-T) 2.5s
Positioning accuracy(National standard) 
Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.010mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) ±0.005mm
Machine dimension 
LxWxH 2540x2320x2780mm
Machine weight 
Max. loading of worktable 500kgs
Machine weight 5200kgs

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