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Safety protection of radial drilling machine

1 Pay attention to mechanical risks and reduce mechanical damage
A radial drilling machine is a drilling machine in which the rocker arm can rotate and lift around the column, and the headstock is usually moved horizontally on the rocker arm.

It can also be called a radial drill, which is a kind of hole processing equipment that can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and trimming of end faces and other forms of processing. According to the clamping structure of the machine tool, radial drills can be divided into hydraulic radial drills and mechanical radial drills. Among all kinds of drilling machines, the radial drilling machine is convenient and flexible to operate, has a wide range of applications, and is typical. It is especially suitable for single-piece or batch production of hole processing with porous large parts. It is a common machine tool in general machining workshops.

2 The main risks of radial drilling machines
The operator has no protection when operating with both hands, and it is very easy to touch the high-speed drill bit and injure the fingers.
The high-speed drill bit and the flying sparks can cause injuries to the face, eyes, and hands.

The rocker arm is not locked, turning and hurting people.

When the rocker drill loosened the column and turned the rocker arm, it did not pay attention to observing the people and objects around the machine tool, resulting in bruises.

Wearing gloves in violation of regulations, untied cuffs of the clothes of the operator, and failure to take protective measures for hair may cause mechanical damage; failing to wear protective goggles during operation, and eye injury caused by flying chips.

All kinds of tools and instruments are not placed neatly and stably on site, and the height is not suitable. Protruding objects or sharp-edged objects along both sides of the pedestrian passage may cause mechanical injury accidents.

Various travel limit devices, overload protection devices, electrical and mechanical interlocking devices, emergency braking devices, sound and light alarm devices, and automatic protection devices cannot work normally.

Although the country and enterprises attach great importance to safety work, hundreds of mechanical accidents continue to occur every year. Although there are many reasons, some operators’ weak sense of safety is the root cause of the accident. In order to reduce the incidence of mechanical accidents, it is very important to improve everyone’s safety awareness, and it is necessary to install safety protection devices to isolate the source of danger.

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