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Commissioning of band sawing machine

1、 Install the band sawing machine with the saw blade, and adjust the device to make the saw blade reach the accurate working state; The hydraulic oil on the band sawing machine needs to be full. If it is not full, add 32, add hydraulic oil to the high filter, and wipe the rotating and sliding positions. Apply a layer of oil to prevent wear; Remember to fill the tank with water.

2、 After completing the above preparations, connect the power supply of the band sawing machine (the voltage can be used to supply power to the sawing machine, and the power supply needs to be grounded to avoid danger), then turn on the up switch button to raise the sawing machine position, and then press the run switch. At this time, the sawing wheel starts to run (the forward direction is counterclockwise);

3、 Please pay close attention to the lifting cylinder device during the trial operation of the band sawing machine. The lifting of saw frame is flexible. The rotary button has three functions. When there is no action, this means that the sawing machine can be adjusted to the position of the inactive button. Stop the operation of the saw frame immediately. At this point, the test machine is completed, check whether the components operate normally, and then remember to turn off the main switch and power supply.

4、 Under normal conditions, after the band saw starts the motor, the cooling device and water pump will operate normally. The automatic welding machine automatically determines whether the coolant is smooth by adjusting the valve. After completing the above work, you can proceed to the next work, that is, sawing materials.

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