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Structure assembly of universal lifting table milling machine

1.The machine body is used to fix and support all parts of the milling machine. There are horizontal guides on the top surface for moving the cross member. The front wall is equipped with dovetail-shaped vertical guides for the lifting platform to move up and down. Main motor, spindle transmission, spindle, electrical equipment and lubricating oil pump are installed in the interior.

2.A hanger is installed at one end of the cross member to support the cutter bar so as to reduce the bending and vibration of the cutter bar. The cross member can be moved along the horizontal guides of the bed and its projection length is adjusted by the length of the blade rod.

3.The spindle is used to install the cutter rod and drive the milling cutter to rotate. The spindle is a hollow shaft with 7:24 precision taper holes in the front end for mounting the taper shank of the milling rod.

4.Longitudinal workbench Longitudinal workbench is driven by longitudinal screw to move longitudinally on the guide rail of the turntable to drive the workpiece on the table to work longitudinally. T-grooves on the table for fixture or workpiece installation.

5.The transverse worktable is located on the horizontal guide rail above the lifting table, which can drive the longitudinal worktable to feed transversely together.

6.The turntable table can turn the longitudinal worktable to a certain angle in the horizontal plane (both positive and negative are 0~450), so as to milling the spiral groove and so on. Horizontal milling machines with turntable are called horizontal universal milling machines.

7. The lifting table can drive the entire worktable up and down along the vertical guides of the bed to adjust the distance between workpiece and milling cutter and the vertical feed.

8. Base is used to support the bed and elevating platform, which contains cutting fluid.

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