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Understand the details of surface grinder grinding

With the development of skills, the performance and reliability of the CNC system have improved, and the price has become more reasonable, making the price ratio of centerless grinders and general grinders acceptable to the majority of users. Together with the advancement of advanced manufacturing and automation skills in production, surface grinders are The application will also become more and more extensive.

The parts are the parts of the assembled equipment, so the dimensional accuracy requirements are very high. If there is an error, it will be impossible to install and use. Therefore, the processing accuracy of the cylindrical grinder must be accurate, but the cylindrical grinder is a mechanical processing equipment, and there will be errors. At the same time, what factors will affect the machining accuracy of the grinder?

1. The influence of the height of the grinding head, headstock, and tailstock in the centerless grinder on the accuracy of the workpiece size.

When encountering such a situation, you should correct the height errors of the grinding head, headstock, and tailstock in the centerless grinder, which will cause the center line of the headstock and tailstock and the axis of the grinding wheel to shift in space. The surface of the workpiece will be a hyperboloid.

2. The influence of the parallelism error of the axis of the grinding head spindle in the horizontal plane by the connection between the center of the headstock and the tailstock on the scale accuracy of the workpiece.

When this error occurs, the shape of the workpiece ground by the cylindrical grinding machine will be a cone, that is, the grinding wheel will be ground at a point of view, and the surface will have spiral grinding patterns.

3. The impact of the verticality error of the grinding head movement of the centerless grinder with respect to the machine tool rail on the machining accuracy.

The final result of this error is that the axis of the main shaft is offset from the center of the headstock and tailstock. When grinding the end face of the shaft shoulder, a perpendicularity error between the end face of the shaft shoulder and the axis of the workpiece will be formed. When the centerless grinder grinds the outer circle, the surface roughness will be affected, and the spiral grinding pattern will occur.

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