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Elements of sound and saw blade tooth cracking during sawing

Sawing machine is a machine tool that uses saw bands, circular saw blades or saw blades as tools to cut metal square materials, round materials, pipe materials and profiles. In the operation of the sawing machine, we may hear a very heavy and sharp squeaking sound or find that the saw blade is simply broken. Now let’s talk about the factors that occurred in these two areas and how to deal with them.

Elements of saw blade tooth tip cracking:

1: The steel brush of the band saw machine stopped working, and the tooth groove was filled with chips, causing the tooth tip of the saw blade to crack.

2: The feed rate is too high, causing the tip of the saw blade to crack.

3: The saw tooth is not properly selected. The saw tooth is too small or too large, causing the tip of the saw blade to crack.

4: In the sawing process, the workpiece moves, causing the tip of the saw blade to crack. The element of the saw blade of the band saw.

The original squeaking sound when sawing:

1: Lead saw blade speed is too fast, the feed amount is too large, and the speed or feed amount can be lowered.

2: The coolant can be replaced with improper selection of coolant or inconsistent ratio.

3: The guide block is too tight, and the guide block can be adjusted.

4: There are hard points in the data, and the job can be rolled from a certain point of view and then cut from the beginning.

The sawing machine can prevent the great influence of vibration and various stresses on the band saw blade, and precise operation can effectively extend the service life of the saw blade of the sawing machine. Therefore, when problems are discovered, we must pay attention to reasonable treatment and prevent recurrence.

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