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Support pressure adjustment of surface grinder manufacturers

Explanation of the support pressure adjustment and reversing device of the surface grinder manufacturer

The surface grinder has a straight movement organization of the grinding head, a longitudinal movement organization of the work table, and a horizontal movement organization of the operation organization. The straight movement organization of the grinding head has a CNC stepping motor, which is connected with the straight movement transmission organization of the reducer grinding head carriage; The longitudinal movement organization of the worktable has a reducer, the transmission shaft of the reducer is connected with the longitudinal movement transmission organization of the worktable, and the motor of the reducer is connected with the frequency converter. The structure is reasonable, the work performance is good, and the work efficiency is high.

1. Adjustment of the supporting pressure of the surface grinder

The adjustment of the support pressure of the surface grinder is to adjust the pressure of the pressure relay. The general pressure adjustment range is 2-6MPa, and the specific adjustment is based on the weight within this range to the level of the tie rod. The pressure relay and overflow valve of the CNC surface grinder are installed on the side of the moving die on the operating side, and are attached with a pressure gauge. When adjusting, turn the pressure relay adjustment knob according to the clockwise pin, and the pressure will rise to loosen the adjustment knob. Turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise at high time, loosen the overflow valve regulator of the accumulator of the CNC surface grinder to reduce the pressure below the required pressure, tighten the overflow valve adjustment handle of the accumulator, and then turn the pressure relay clockwise to adjust For the best, do not adjust arbitrarily without special circumstances.

2. Reversing device of surface grinder

The reversing valve of the surface grinder can be divided into AC type, DC type and the integral type (local rectification type) electromagnetic reversing bag according to the different power supply used by the electromagnet. The AC type has a large starting force, does not require a special power supply, and is fast in pull-in and release. However, when the power supply voltage drops by more than 15%, the hub force will decrease significantly, which affects the reliability of the surface grinder; the DC type (generally operating voltage is 24V Or 12V) reliable operation, high impact, high allowable switching frequency, small size, long life, but the surface grinder needs a special DC power supply: this machine has its own rectifier type, which can convert the incoming AC power into DC power and then supply DC power magnet.

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