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Key technology of CBN grinding wheel dressing of precision internal grinder

(1) With the increase of dressing speed ratio, the overall surface roughness of the workpiece increases, but the roundness of the workpiece decreases.

(2) With the increase of dressing depth, the workpiece surface roughness and roundness decrease first and then increase.

(3) With the increase of axial feed rate, the workpiece surface roughness increases as a whole, while the workpiece roundness decreases first and then increases. The orthogonal test shows that the dressing depth.

Resin bonded CBN grinding wheel for magic dressing

The key to the application of resin bonded CBN grinding wheel is the dressing of the grinding wheel. There are many successful experiences, but most of them need to have certain tooling to complete the repair. Through a period of application, we feel that the effect of dressing the resin bonded CBN grinding wheel grinding the inner hole and the end face on the internal grinder is good. On the premise of meeting the process requirements, the grinding wheel consumption level (for fine grinding) is basically reached.

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