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OD 500mm horizontal CNC band saw

Product Description

CNC fully automatic double-column horizontal band saw, suitable for mass continuous production;
The PLC control system can set a group of several different data for continuous cutting. Single or beam cut to a certain length can be preset on the touch screen;
Touch screen operating system. The CNC band saw machine interface displays multiple languages, and can provide English, Russian and other language displays according to user requirements;
Two modes of operation, manual and automatic;
Imported grating is used to control the feed length with high precision;
Optional: Electric shaftless spiral slicing conveyor, which completely replaces all tiny slices; M42, M51 bimetal blades; frequency conversion speed regulation; additional feed rack;
The maximum feed stroke can be preset and adjusted within the range of 0-1000mm through the touch screen of this band saw machine;
The cutting capacity is greater, and it can cut round 2000mm and square 2000x2000mm according to needs.

Specifications Model CNC-BS500-500X500
Cutting range, mm Dia.500 mm; Sq. 500×500 mm
Cutting in buddle, mm Max. 320W x 180H; Min. 200W x 20H
Linear velocity of saw blade, m/min 40/ 60/ 80
Saw blade size, mm 5500×41×1.3
Working clamping method Hydraulic and automatic
Saw blade tensioning Manual
Main motor power, KW 5.5
Motor power on hydraulic power unit, KW 1.5
Coolant pump motor power, KW 0.12
Max. feeding per time, mm Not more than 500
Working table height, mm 650
Overall size, LxWxH, mm 2600×1800×1900
Weight, KG 2400

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