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Testing standard for horizontal band sawing machine

1. Scope

This part of JB/T 4318 specifies the geometric accuracy and working accuracy requirements and inspection methods of horizontal band saws.

This section applies to horizontal band sawing machines (hereinafter referred to as machine tools) with a maximum sawing diameter of 250 mm to 2 000 mm. Other specifications of horizontal band saws can refer to this section.

2. Normative references

The following documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated reference documents, only the dated version applies to this document. For undated reference documents, the latest version (including all amendments) is applicable to this document.

GB/T 17421.1—1998 General Rules for Inspection of Machine Tools Part 1: Geometric accuracy under no-load or finishing conditions

GB/T 21954.2—2008 Metal Cutting Band Saw Blade Part 2: Characteristics and Dimensions

3. General requirements

✦ Adjust the installation level of the machine tool according to 3.1 in GB/T 17421.1-1998. Place a spirit level in the center of the workbench. The reading of the spirit level in the vertical or horizontal direction does not exceed the regulations in the instruction manual.

✦ All linear dimensions in this section are expressed in millimeters (mm).

✦ When the actual measured length is different from the length specified in this part, the allowable error shall be converted according to the measurable length according to the provisions of in GB/T 17421.1-1998. When the conversion result is less than 0.01 mm, it is still counted as 0.01 mm.

✦ During the various geometric accuracy inspections, manual or machine tool low-speed motion should be used.

✦ The working accuracy inspection of the machine tool should be carried out on the specified test piece. The specimen is made of 45 steel, normalized, and the hardness is 170 HBW~200 HBW, and the hardness is uniform. The surface roughness value of the specimen should not be greater than 6.3 mm.

✦ For large-size forging and castings and workpieces with no surface treatment, the working accuracy can be measured directly by placing a square on the horizontal reference surface of the machine tool table or by other indirect measurement methods.

✦ The metal band saw blades are allowed to be replaced during the detection of the geometric accuracy and working accuracy of the machine tool. The metal band saw blades used should meet the requirements of GB/T 21954.2—2008.

✦ The order of the accuracy inspection items listed in this section does not indicate the actual inspection order. In order to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of inspection tools and inspection, the inspection can be carried out in any order.

✦ According to the agreement between the user and the manufacturer, the inspection items and inspection methods can be adjusted appropriately.

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