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Installation and Debugging of CNC Lathe CK6140

1. Installation of CNC machine tools: Remove the outer packaging of the machine tool, remove the 4 bolts that fix the machine tool, use a 3-ton forklift to lift the machine tool, and install the adjustment pad on the base at the same time.

2. Power-on of CNC machine tools: The machine tool generally uses three power lines of 380V and one grounding protection line. Pay attention to the square number of the cables, which are clearly marked in the circuit diagram of the machine tool manual. Example: CK6140 requires a single root of 2.5 square millimeters and a voltage of 380V±10%. If the voltage is too low, the spindle will be unstable.

Note: (1) Before powering on, open the electrical box to check whether the short circuit breaker has tripped. If there is a trip, close the short circuit breaker first. (2) After the power is turned on, the phase sequence should be checked when the three-phase power supply is used. Operation steps: ① Press the manual key – the tool change key on the system side. Swap any two of the three-phase power lines. ②If the tool holder is arranged, press the cooling button to see whether the water pump is running forward or reverse.

3. Refuel the machine tool and add coolant

(1) Refueling the automatic lubricating pump: To add No. 20 mechanical oil, it must be clean. If it is not clean, the measuring parts will be blocked, resulting in the failure of the screw bed to be lubricated.

(2) For the model with hydraulic station: add No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station.

(3) Add coolant to the machine water tank.

4. Cleaning of the machine tool: Before starting the machine tool, clean the anti-rust oil first, so as to prevent the anti-rust oil from entering the lead screw and slide plate, causing damage to the machine tool. After cleaning: first press the lubricating button on the system panel, Lubricate the slide plate, or lubricate it with an oil gun.

5. Horizontal adjustment of the machine tool: three-point adjustment method is adopted to ensure that both directions are within 0.02mm. Tools generally use frame level, crowbar, skid, hammer, thin iron rod. Steps:

(1) First, place the two levels vertically in the center of the workbench, and adjust the shims to make the level roughly adjusted.

(2) Move the large pallet back and forth to three points near the chuck, the middle of the bed, and near the tailstock, and adjust the twist of the bed, otherwise there will be large and small heads when machining the outer circle.

6. After each action of the test machine tool is normal, write a program, the diameter of the car is 50mm, the length is 100mm, and the cylindricity is less than or equal to 0.01mm and the roundness is less than or equal to 0.005mm with a micrometer.

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