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The Advantages of 330A Automatic Band Sawing Machine

1. The sawing speed of the 330A band saw can be adjusted according to the feed speed, and the two speeds form a closed
Ring vector control, on the one hand, improves the sawing efficiency of the band sawing machine; on the other hand, the life of the band saw blade also increases with the promotion;

2. The 330A band sawing machine can set the pulse chip breaking device according to the material properties to break chips at a reasonable frequency to avoid.Hard friction occurs with the point press to avoid excessive pressure on the back of the saw and stop working;

3. The 330A band sawing machine can adopt dual feedback control according to the back pressure of the saw and the output torque of the main motor.Give the speed and increase the adjustment parameters, so that the feed speed of the band sawing machine can be adjusted reasonably;

4. 330A high-speed band sawing machine has high sawing efficiency and high sawing precision;

5. The band sawing machine realizes the pre-guidance function by setting the band saw blade clamping device, which can clamp the saw blade.The slack part of the saw blade can reduce vibration and resonance, improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece, and prolong the service life of the band saw blade.
service life;

6. The clamping device of the 330A band saw can accurately locate the workpiece size and sawing length to avoid hard friction.

Since the development of the band sawing machine industry, only by continuously updating and injecting new technologies of the band sawing machine can more and better band sawing machines be developed and produced to meet the new demands of the market. It is necessary to continuously promote the upgrading of CNC band sawing machines. According to the development direction of band sawing machine manufacturers, we should constantly adjust the production structure of sawing machines, optimize the layout, and upgrade the band sawing machines step by step to better serve the purchasing enterprises.Band sawing machine manufacturers should strengthen international cooperation channels. To drive the sales of band sawing machines.

The development of the domestic band sawing machine industry has always lagged behind the international level. In order to avoid the gap between the development of the domestic and foreign sawing machine industry, the band sawing machine manufacturer must continuously strengthen the exchange and cooperation of international talents, and at the same time, it is necessary to introduce the new technology of the band sawing machine. Enhance the influence of the band sawing machine enterprise.

Finally, the sawing machine industry can better stimulate research and development and productivity only if it has a clear development goal;
Only on the basis of clarifying the development goals of sawing machine manufacturers can we further promote the continuous upgrading of band sawing machines and make the development of domestic and foreign cooperation more smoothly.

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