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The Difference Between an Angle Saw and a Scissor Saw

Do you know the difference between angle band sawing machine and scissors band sawing machine? Today ANTISHI takes you to know the difference between the two band sawing machines. The difference between an angle band saw and a scissor band saw lies in its components and functions. Angle band sawing machine is currently an indispensable mechanical equipment in industrial machinery and equipment. It not only improves the production efficiency of purchasing companies, but also reduces the time and cost of purchasing companies by choosing an angle sawing machine, so it has been selected by many buyers.

Today, we will focus on the structural features and advantages of angle band sawing machines and scissor-type band sawing machines.

Angle Band Saw: The biggest advantage of this band saw is that it can rotate from 0 to 45 degrees when sawing the workpiece. horn
The band sawing machine can realize the oblique cutting of sawing workpieces, which is suitable for steel structure manufacturers to cut various special-shaped steels. Angular bandsaws are capable of hydraulic control of the sawing speed, with no variable speed. In addition, the design of the guide block is scientific and reasonable, which prolongs the service life of the band saw blade. The high-quality angle sawing machine has relatively stable sawing and high precision, and the band sawing machine with three-way hydraulic clamping device can also be customized. Therefore, the hydraulic clamping can be used for clamping when the angle sawing machine is working, and the operation is more convenient.

Scissor band sawing machine: its main drive system is composed of worm gear reducer, driving wheel, pulley and other parts
The worm gear reducer and the driving wheel are directly connected, the transmission is relatively stable, and there is no impact. The speed of the driving wheel of the band saw is adjusted by the belt, which can achieve a variety of cutting speeds to meet the cutting of different materials. The clamping of the scissor-type band sawing machine adopts hydraulic vise clamping, which mainly drives the jaw plate to clamp the workpiece through the hydraulic cylinder; Guide arm and fixed guide arm, the former is moved manually, and the guide arm of the scissors-type band saw is mainly locked by the dovetail device manually, mainly to ensure the stability of the guide and prolong the service life of the saw blade; Large and small double-column structure, the lifting and lowering of the saw frame is mainly driven by the oil cylinder.

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