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The Machining Technology of Turning and Milling Compound Machine Tool and Numerical Control Programming Technology

The development of machining technology of turning-milling compound machine tools also puts forward higher requirements on CNC programming technology, which is also a bottleneck link that restricts turning-milling compound machine tools in actual production applications. Compared with the traditional numerical control programming technology, the programming difficulty of the turning-milling compound processing machine tool is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

(1) There are many kinds of crafts. For craftsmen, it is not only necessary to master the programming methods of various processing methods such as CNC turning, multi-axis milling, and drilling, but also to accurately define the connection between processes and the way of advance and retreat. Therefore, when performing numerical control programming, it is necessary to have an intuitive understanding of the process model and the distribution of machining allowance after the current process is processed, so as to facilitate the programming of the next process and the setting of advance and retreat tools.

(2) The serial and parallel sequence in the programming process must be determined strictly in accordance with the process route. Many parts can be processed on the turning-milling compound machining center from the wool to the finished product. Therefore, the results of the processing program must be consistent with the process route. At the same time, multi-channel parallel processing also needs to be comprehensively considered in the process of NC machining programming. It can be seen that, in order to achieve efficient compound processing, a process solution integrating process-programming-simulation should be developed.

(3) For some functions of a turning-milling compound machining machine tool, the current general-purpose CAM software does not yet support it. Compared with the conventional single equipment processing, the machine tool motion and processing functions of the combined turning and milling processing are much more complicated. The current general-purpose CAM software is not enough to fully support the programming of these advanced functions, such as online measurement, sawing, and automatic Feeding, tailstock control, etc. Therefore, programs compiled with general-purpose CAM software still require a lot of manual or interactive methods to be applied to automated turning-milling combined processing.

(4) Integration of machining programs. At present, the NC programs after the general CAM software is compiled are independent of each other. To realize the complex automatic complete processing such as turning and milling, it is necessary to integrate and integrate these independent processing programs. This integration must be guided by the process route of the parts. First, determine which programs are parallel, and then determine the processing sequence of different process methods, and give accurate tool change, card replacement, benchmark conversion, and advance and retreat instructions. Wait.

It can be seen that it is very difficult to compile numerical control programs for turning-milling compound processing machine tools, and the current general-purpose CAM software for turning-milling compound processing still has many defects and deficiencies. In order to make up for these shortcomings, it is a more realistic solution to develop a special programming system suitable for product technology and compound processing equipment based on the existing general CAD/CAM software. This aspect reduces the repetitive investment in software purchases, and at the same time avoids defects such as inability to reuse process knowledge and complex staffing due to the inconsistent programming platform.

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