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How to maintain a surface grinder

Surface grinders are a type of mechanical equipment commonly used by enterprises to grind the flat or shaped surfaces of workpieces. They can process materials with higher hardness such as hard steel and cemented carbide, as well as brittle materials such as glass and granite; such as hardware processing parts, automobiles , Motorcycle parts, precision machinery parts, etc. are inseparable from the grinder. In order to extend the service life of equipment, ensure processing quality, improve production efficiency, and standardize safe production, we need to master the maintenance skills of surface grinders.

Firstly, the surface grinder should be placed in a place where the foundation is good and far away from the vibration source, the environment is dry, and the level is good.

Before Work
1. Check whether the motor is running normally, whether the ventilation is good, whether the wires are frayed, and whether the contact is reliable.

2. Check the oil holes and oil pipes, the oil circuit should be unblocked, the oil pipe joints should be firm, no water or oil leakage, and the windows should be bright, check the oil level and oil level according to the equipment lubrication chart for oil lubrication;

3. Check whether the handles are flexible, whether the gears are in the required positions, whether the switches and knobs are sensitive, and whether the safety devices are effective;

4. Check whether the magnetic attraction of the workbench is normal;

5. Check whether the cooling water pump is running normally, whether the cooling pipe is unblocked, whether there are sundries and iron filings in the filter and the coolant;

6. Whether the front, back, left, right, up and down directions of the machine tool move and slide normally.

At Work
1. Before dressing the grinding wheel or grinding the workpiece, be sure to first confirm whether the worktable is magnetized to prevent the knife or the workpiece from flying out and hurting people or crushing the grinding wheel.

2. Block the protective baffle before and after grinding, and it is forbidden to touch the machined surface by hand. During processing and the rotation of the grinding wheel, it is forbidden to open the protective cover of the grinding wheel and it is forbidden to stand in the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel.

3. If the grinding wheel breaks during the cutting process, do not exit it immediately, and stop it before processing.

4. Do not stop the rotation of the grinding wheel when the grinding wheel is not retracted from the workpiece.

5. When dry-grinding a workpiece, do not always add coolant in the middle; dry-grinding to wet-grinding, the grinding wheel should be idling for 2 minutes, and the grinding wheel can work after the heat is dissipated; when the cooling fluid of the wet-grinding workpiece is stopped, the grinding should be stopped immediately; wet grinding operation After the end, the grinding wheel should be idling for 2 minutes to shake off the coolant on the grinding wheel.

6. It is forbidden to wear gloves at work. The zipper of the clothes must be locked. The buttons must be fastened when the sleeves of the clothes are not rolled up. Wear protective glasses when dry grinding or dressing the grinding wheel.

7. Stick to the job position during the grinding process and pay attention to the operation of the machine at any time. If there is any abnormal noise or the temperature of the grinding head is too high, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and reported to the on-site management personnel.

After Work
1. After grinding, use oilstone to blunt the edges and burrs of the workpiece, and wipe off the oil, grinding, water and other dirt, and apply oil to prevent rust.

2. Carefully check the sanitation of all parts of the machine tool, clean the grinding dust on the work surface guard, etc., remove the grinding dust in the dust collection tank, and clean the surrounding environment of the machine tool.

3. Shut down, the machined parts will not stay in the machine tool, cut off the power supply.

4. Clean and wipe the grinder, apply oil, remove wear debris, dirt, yellow robe, and clean up and clean the work site, and thoroughly clean it before weekends and holidays.

5. The cleaners, clamps, measuring tools and other parts are returned to their positions.

6. After daily use, pay attention to check whether the lubricating oil is normally oiled. Do not use an air gun or clean the spindle with water. Keep away from the machine table when cleaning the workpiece to prevent sand particles from entering the guide rail.

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