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The structure principle of abrasive belt grinder

A grinding machine that uses fast-moving abrasive belts as abrasive tools for grinding and polishing. Improve the dimensional accuracy and smoothness of the workpiece. Abrasive belt grinders are divided into universal abrasive belt grinders, external cylindrical abrasive belt grinders, internal cylindrical abrasive belt grinders, flat surface abrasive belt grinders, and profiled abrasive belt grinders.

1. The working principle of abrasive belt grinder

The abrasive belt grinder uses abrasive belts as abrasive tools and is supplemented by contact wheels (or pressure grinding plates), tension wheels, driving wheels and other grinding head main bodies, as well as tension quick change mechanism, deviation adjustment mechanism, and anti-i (suction) dust Functional components such as devices work together to complete the processing of the workpiece. Specifically, the abrasive belt is placed on the outer surface of the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel, and the abrasive belt is tensioned and operated at high speed. According to the shape and processing requirements of the workpiece, the workpiece is ground or polished with corresponding contact and appropriate grinding parameters. .

2. Features and advantages of belt grinder

Abrasive belt grinding is a kind of elastic grinding, so belt grinding is a composite processing technology with multiple functions of grinding, grinding and polishing.
The abrasive grains on the abrasive belt have stronger cutting ability than the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel, so the efficiency of abrasive belt grinding is very high.

The grinding speed is stable. Because the contact wheel is extremely non-wearing, the abrasive belt can move at a constant speed, instead of the smaller the diameter, the slower the speed like the grinding wheel.

Abrasive belt grinding precision is high. Due to the improvement of the quality of belt production and the production level of belt grinders, belt grinding has already entered the ranks of precision and ultra-precision machining.

Abrasive belt grinding has low cost.

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