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What is a turret milling machine and what are the main uses?

ANTS Turret milling machine can also be called rocker milling machine made in china, rocker milling machine ANTISHI shanghai, Shanghai ANTISHI Brand universal milling machine, lifting table milling machine with rotary table, vertical milling machine, etc. It is a machine tool that drives the workpiece to move up, down, left, and right through the worktable, and the high-speed rotating spindle at the top drives the tool to rotate for milling. It is a milling machine with a shape similar to a turret. Turret milling machine has compact structure, small size and high flexibility. The milling head can rotate 45 degrees from left to right and 45 degrees back and forth. The rocker arm can be extended and retracted back and forth, and can also be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, which greatly increases the effective working range of the milling machine.

The fuselage of the rocker turret milling machine is generally made of high-grade cast iron. After the artificial aging treatment, the accuracy will become higher and the service life will be longer. The lifting platform adopts rectangular guide rails, with many contact surfaces and sufficient rigidity. After high-frequency quenching and fine grinding, after the slide is pasted with plastic, the movement accuracy and life will be better. The spindle of the universal rocker milling machine is generally made of chromium-molybdenum alloy, and is equipped with high-precision angular contact bearings. After quenching and tempering and fine grinding, the cutting force is stronger and the precision is higher.

What are the main uses of the turret milling machine? Because the turret milling machine has three types: vertical turret milling machine, horizontal turret milling machine, and vertical and horizontal turret milling machine, ANTISHI turret milling widely used in milling various kinds of workpieces such as planes, slopes, grooves and splines of small and medium parts. Now it is widely used in machining, mold, instrument, meter and other industries



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