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TG380 High Precision Thread Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Processing Capability Maximum workpiece size (diameter * length) mm Φ127*300mm
Center hole distance mm 300
Maximum rotation diameter mm 136
Maximum load between two top centers Kg 25(Center works)/15(Work head only)
Grinding wheel size (diameter×width×aperture) mm 250×(6-25)×127
Wheel speed rpm 1650
Maximum linear speed of grinding wheel m/s 50
Wheel dressing mm Automatic
Wheel head(X- Axis) Feed angle Deg 90
Maximum stroke mm 200
Feed rate mm/min 10000
Maximum acceleration m/s 1
Direct drive motor power Nm 7
Minimum resolution mm 0.0001
Wheel head(A- Axis) Speed range RPM 800-3000
Rotation angle DEG ±8
Motor Power KW 7.4
Worke head

(C Axis)

Speed range rpm 1-750
Decoder positioning accuracy Sec 3″
Direct drive motor power NM 36
Rotation angle DEG 90
Shaft diameter mm 26
Tailstock Telescopic distance mm 40
Thimble specifications MT-4/A3 DIN55 026

(Z Axis)

Fast moving speed mm/min 10000
Minimum resolution mm 0.0001
Maximum acceleration m/s 1
Maximum travel stroke mm 420
Rotation angle Deg 10
Motor Power NM 12
Others Total power KW 20
Machine gross weight Kg 3500
Equipment size (length*width*height) mm 1950*2300*1700

Product description
The thread movement of the machine tool is formed by the linkage between the headstock spindle (B-axis) direct drive motor and the table longitudinal (X-axis) moving linear motor and workpiece movement (Z-axis).
The main part of the machine tool is mounted on the strong cast iron bed, and the main operating mechanism is mounted on the front of the bed. The table is moved along the rolling and sliding hybrid rails (ie, the V rail is a sliding rail and the flat rail is a rolling rail), and the wheel carriage moves along the linear rail.

Product features
The machine tool is a CNC-controlled high-precision CNC thread grinder. The SIEMENS 828D CNC system is used to control the head frame rotation, table movement, wheel frame feed, and dresser feed motion. The five-axis and three-axis linkage of the machine tool can easily realize various machining movements.


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