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Vertical Band Sawing Machine

Introduction of vertical band sawing machine 

Vertical band sawing machine occupies a very important position in the international machinery industry and is an indispensable machine tool for industrial development,plastic, leather, alloy, wood, rubber and other materials cutting, and can complete the cutting of various shapes such as straight line cutting, angle cutting, wave cutting, internal and external circular cutting. The specifications of saw bands used by vertical band sawing machines are different when cutting workpieces of different materials and shapes. For example, bimetal saw bands are mainly for medium carbon steel, alloy structural steel, SKD, Stellite wear-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel. It can cut particularly hard steel such as SKT, low-alloy steel, high-alloy steel, stainless steel, special alloy steel, bearing steel, etc.

The vertical band sawing machine is also equipped with a saw band cutting and welding machine. The vertical band sawing machine is used to cut the finished part and then weld it on the required size cutting. It is very convenient to use and is widely used in the automotive industry, punching die, hardware manufacturing and various equipment. Production lines, shoe molds, aerospace, copper and aluminum gravity die-casting sand cutting cores, signboard metal characters, machinery manufacturing industry, vibrating discs, steel materials, household appliances, tire manufacturing, etc.

The overall structure of the vertical band sawing machine is very important, and it is made of high-quality steel materials, which greatly enhances the stability and reliability of the machine tool, and provides a basic guarantee for the vertical band sawing machine to cut heavy workpieces. The overall performance of the band sawing machine is very good, and the precision of cutting the workpiece is also very high. Although it only does some rough machining of the workpiece, it is the basis of the workpiece processing and plays a key role.

Safe operation of vertical band sawing machine

Before operating the vertical band sawing machine, you must wear the tight protective clothing of the machine tool, the cuffs of the clothes should be fastened, the hem of the jacket should not be opened, and gloves are strictly prohibited. It is even more forbidden to wear, change, and take off work clothes next to the running vertical band sawing machine, so as to prevent the machine tool from twisting the corners of the clothes and causing the problem of personnel strangulation, and then wear a safety helmet. Girls should put the braids in the hat and not wear Skirts and slippers.

Before starting the vertical band sawing machine, all preparations must be done. Regarding the adjustment between the sawing material and the sawing frame, the size of the sawing material must not be larger than the size within the specified range of the vertical band sawing machine, and the saw blade must be Tighten, after the vertical band sawing machine is turned on, do a 3 to 5-minute idling test run before preparing to saw the workpiece, and also check whether the vertical band sawing machine is in good condition without any faults, whether all parts are normal, lubricating oil Whether the road is clear and normal.

It is very important to select different types of saw blades for vertical band sawing machines when sawing workpieces of different materials, which is related to whether the workpieces that meet the requirements can be processed. During the operation of the vertical band sawing machine, it is not possible to change the speed in the middle. It must be sawed at a certain speed, and the position of the sawing material should be placed just to be firmly clamped. When the sawing material is about to be sawed off, pay attention to For the corresponding safe operation, cut off the power supply in time after the work is completed, put each operating handle back to the empty position, and clean the waste during processing in time.

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