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Application Status of CNC Machining Technology in Intelligent Production Line

The product objects processed by discrete manufacturing companies such as aerospace and aerospace in my country are mostly characterized by multiple varieties and small batches, with many product models and large differences, so the processing equipment is also diversified. The machine tool is the “industrial mother machine” of the manufacturing industry, and its degree of intelligence has an important influence on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. Machine tools evolve with the development of different industrial eras, and present the technical characteristics of each era, as shown in Figure 2. Machine tool 4.0 is the future development trend of the machine tool industry. The application of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology is deeply integrated, using autonomous perception information, generating knowledge through autonomous learning and modeling, and performing autonomous optimization and decision-making to complete autonomous control and execution. Realize the multi-objective optimization of high-quality, high-efficiency, safety, reliability and low consumption in the manufacturing process.

However, at present, the domestic discrete manufacturing enterprises mostly use traditional general-purpose CNC machine tools for CNC machining. From the perspective of CNC system functions, they lack functions such as automatic clamping, online detection and automatic compensation, and rarely combine the characteristics of product processing technology to perform functions on the equipment. Customized research and development cannot meet the needs of high-efficiency CNC machining of products, nor can it solve the problem of adaptability of CNC systems and equipment. Therefore, through modular design, providing customized services in terms of processing technology, fault diagnosis and operation and maintenance is the direction of improvement in the customization of CNC system functions. At present, in terms of the intelligentization of CNC machine tools, due to the excessive reliance on human experts for theoretical modeling and data analysis, the ability of machine tools to learn independently and generate knowledge is insufficient. “Perception, interconnection, learning, decision-making and self-adaptation” will become the main functional characteristics of CNC machine tool intelligence. Processing big data, industrial IoT and digital twins will strongly promote the development and progress of future intelligent machine tool technology.

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