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Types and characteristics of surface grinders

According to the position of the grinding wheel spindle and the shape of the worktable, ordinary surface grinders mainly include four types: horizontal axis rectangular surface grinder, vertical axis rectangular surface grinder, vertical axis circular table surface grinder, and horizontal axis circular table surface grinder.

Horizontal-axis surface grinders are mostly peripheral grinding; vertical-axis surface grinders are mostly end-face grinding.
The peripheral grinding power is low, the surface roughness is low, and the scale accuracy is high. The end face grinding wheel has a large diameter and can often grind the full width of the workpiece. Because of the surface touch, the power is relatively high, but the cooling is difficult, and the chip is not chipped. It is easy to clean, and the machining accuracy is worse than that of the peripheral grinding. It is generally used for rough grinding.
The circular table surface grinder is continuous feed, does not require reversing, and has higher productivity. It is suitable for grinding small parts and large-diameter annular surfaces, but cannot grind long parts;
The rectangular table needs to be reversed, but the parts that can be ground are wide.

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