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Advantages of EDM Machine

EDM is mainly used for the manufacture of various molds, electrodes, precision parts, complex cavities and Surface body processing. Adopt computer control system, all Chinese automatic drawing programming and control software. There is track and time display in the processing, and you can know the processing situation at any time. The wire travel has the characteristics of multiple cutting functions.

Advantages of EDM cutting machine:

1. The electrode of WEDM uses 0.03-0.35mm metal wire, so there is no need to process special electrodes, which saves the time for processing electrodes and greatly improves the production efficiency.

2. The processing range is wide, the WEDM products are not affected by the hardness of the material, and can process conductive materials that cannot be processed by other processes, and the materials can be heat treated first and then processed, avoiding the deformation problem caused by the post heat treatment of the product. But the material must be conductive to be processed by wire EDM.

3.Low requirements for product shape. Except for the influence of wires and gaps at the inner corners of the product, wire EDM can basically make products of any shape.

4. Save material, because the metal wire is only about 0.3mm, so after processing, the knife edge of the product is very small, which greatly improves the material utilization rate and reduces the material cost. This feature makes WEDM processing precious metals with incomparable advantages over other processing.

5. The fast-moving wire can recycle the metal wire, and the loss of consumables is very small. Although the slow-moving wire cannot be recycled, it can process products with micron-level precision.

6. High safety, the working fluid of wire cutting is non-flammable liquid, which can realize unmanned operation.

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