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How to judge the quality of circular sawing machine?

Due to the advancement, accuracy and applicability of the equipment, as well as the customer’s demand for the market, metal circular sawing machines are becoming more and more popular among enterprises in the market. So, when we buy equipment, what should be used to weigh its quality?

1. Stability
The stability of the metal circular sawing machine equipment, which will affect the life of the metal circular sawing machine. When we choose, we should ask the supplier to test the machine tool, cut the material and test the machine, pay attention to the frequency of the sawing speed, and then saw after flashing. After sawing, check the compatibility of the blade and the equipment; if the saw blade is found to be floating , It should be checked by the maintenance personnel to see if it has no device or the reasons that the blade will directly affect the cost of the element!

2. Noise
When sawing a metal circle, you should check whether the sound of the sawing machine equipment is stable and not high and low. The sound of the overall sawing machine equipment should be steady and gradually smaller. In the process from large to small, if it is found that it has been loud or severely vibrated, it is the same.

3. the supplier’s attitude towards after-sales
What is the relationship between the supplier’s after-sales attitude and the quality of the metal circular sawing machine equipment? In fact, it has a great relationship, reflecting the belief of the customer service company in the product, if the manufacturer of their product is very confident or the product The quality is really good. For example, ANTS MACHINE’s circular saws are not only stable in quality and efficient in operation, but also their after-sales service is very good. The team of engineers is very professional, and I will look for them next time I buy a high-speed circular saw.

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