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How to maintain lathe

Ordinary lathe in daily use should also pay attention to maintenance work, but also within the scope of the operator’s work, today’s small series to give you a few maintenance should pay attention to the place for your reference:

1、 Remove and clean the felt pads of each part; Wipe the sliding surface and guide surface of ordinary lathe, wipe the worktable and horizontal, lifting screw rod, wipe the tool drive mechanism and tool holder.

2、 Regularly lubricate the oil holes, clean and smooth, and add lubricating oil; Add lubricating oil to guide rail surface, sliding surface and screw rod; Check the oil tank body and oil level of transmission mechanism and add oil to the elevation position.

3、 Tighten the fasteners of the lathe, check and tighten the pressing plate and the insert screw; Check and tighten the fixed screws of the slide block, the driving mechanism of the cutter, the hand wheel and the screws of the workbench bracket; Check other parts of the button for loose screws.

4、 Check the tightness of Hongrui adjusting belt, pressing plate and inlay; Check and adjust the sliding block and screw rod.

5、 Remove the rust of each part and protect the painting surface from collision; The guide rail surface of out of service and standby equipment, the hand wheel of sliding screw and its exposed parts easy to rus.

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