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What aspects should be paid attention to when using or buying a band saw blade?

Running-in of the saw blade

1. The first thing for us is the running-in. We all know that as long as the newly bought machines have a running-in period, the purpose is to make the cooperation between each machine better and increase the service life.
For example, the Putian Lingying bimetal band saw blade needs to go through the form of natural wear when it is running-in to remove the burrs remaining on the tooth tip during processing. If the newly bought bimetallic band saw blade is not run-in, it will be cut directly, which will shorten the service life of the bimetallic band saw blade, and the quality of the sawing is not very high. As long as the running-in period has passed, its linear speed and the feed speed of the band saw machine are generally 30% lower than normal.

Choice of tooth profile

2.It is necessary to choose the tooth profile reasonably. Generally, we say that the bimetal band saw blade has several teeth. In fact, we all refer to the size of an inch of the bimetal band saw blade, such as some special boxes with 4/6 teeth. It means that the change period of the tooth profile of the band saw blade is sometimes 4 teeth and sometimes 6 teeth. The thicker the wall, the larger the tooth profile is. On the contrary, the smaller one should be selected. Its purpose is to reduce the impact of the material on the saw tooth.

Choose a brand

3.Third, think that the current bimetallic band saw blade market is really mixed, like those fake and inferior bimetallic band saw blades too much. Therefore, when we choose to buy bimetal band saw blades, we must choose some big brands.

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