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What is the raw material of the bi-metal band saw blade?

The material of the bimetal band saw blade is mainly formed by welding electron beam (or laser) , using the tooth part and the back part.

Band saw blade tooth material: In the initial stage, the bimetallic band saw blade material was M2 and M4. It was gradually eliminated because of its softness. Nowadays, the common tooth material on the market is generally M42, mainly alloy steel.

There is also a high-tungsten-cobalt alloy tool steel, and the more advanced tooth material is M51.

Band saw blade back material: Due to the different standards of various countries in the world, the expression of the material grades is also different, mainly divided into: X32, B318, RM80, B313, D6A, 505, etc. But these all belong to the 46CrNiMoVA material series.

The band saw blade tooth material has the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, high red hardness (No matter how high temperature the environment is, it can maintain its hardness), etc.. Band saw blade M42 tooth material contains more than 8% cobalt, which is an ideal alloy high-speed steel material. The back material has very good fatigue resistance.

Bimetallic band saw blades are widely used: The main purpose of bimetallic band saw blades is to cut common ferrous metals, such as cast iron, cast steel, rolled round steel, square steel, pipes, and section steel; it can also be used to cut alloy tool steel and alloy structures. Hard and sticky metals such as steel, die steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, etc.; it can also cut non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. If you want to choose a suitable and reasonable tooth shape (jumping tooth), it can be used to cut frozen fish, frozen meat, and hard frozen materials; after some special processing, the bimetallic band saw blade with a large amount of teeth is also commonly used for cutting mahogany and oak wood. , Tilimu and other hard and precious woods.

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