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How do novices weld band saw blades?

1. Adjust the pressure adjustment device above the welding chuck to zero so that the two chucks are at the original farthest distance; the butt of the saw blade in the two chucks should be in full contact, otherwise there will be no electricity during welding , It cannot be welded together;

2. The band saw machine clamps the two ends of the saw blade into the two welding chucks. Note that the saw blade must be close to the inside of the chuck to ensure that the saw blade is in a line;

3. Rotate the pressurizing device counterclockwise by one to two scales to make the left chuck move to the right during welding to improve the welding performance; when ready, move the switch under the chuck to the welding direction;

4. Press the welding button quickly, you will see the saw blade joint in the middle of the chuck, and the welding is on fire. Observe the bulge of the joint surfacing, indicating that the welding is successful. At this time, quickly press the tempering button twice to see the butt joint. , The flame will gradually dim (annealing operation reduces the brittle fracture of the saw blade). Welding saw blades, you should be able to try to do it right now.

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