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What is the reason for the uneven profile sawn by the finished sawing machine?

What is the reason for the uneven profile sawn by the finished sawing machine? The finished sawing machine is generally used on the extrusion line. The extruded profile is generally cut into a section of 2-3 meters according to customer requirements, and the length is 6 meters. The function of the finished saw is to cut the extruded profile into The length required by the customer, so for the cutting surface, most manufacturers still do not require high, but there are still some customers who have higher requirements for the cutting surface. In this way, the uneven surface of the cut will not reach the customer. There are several reasons for the uneven cutting surface.

1. The poor track parallelism of the advancement of the finished sawing machine will cause the cutting surface of the material to be oblique, and the cut surface is parallelogram. At this time, check the level of the saw blade output. Now equipped with higher equipment The square rail linear guide is adopted, and the accuracy is relatively better than that of the circular rail, and the size is relatively stable.

2. The pressure plate of the finished sawing machine is not cleaned up, and the saw blade is in the process of loading and unloading. The pressure plate needs to be cleaned first, so that the saw blade installed will not deviate. If the saw blade deviates during normal operation, the cut end surface step pattern will be more serious.

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