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Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1994, a listed company, the chairman unit of the CNC system branch, the secretary-general unit of the National Machine Tool CNC System Standardization Committee, and a technology enterprise focusing on the development and manufacturing of CNC products.

Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300161) was founded in 1994 with a registered capital of 161,745 million yuan.

Huazhong CNC has a high-quality workforce, 80% of which have university degrees. The company has set up a national post-doctoral workstation, and more than ten post-doctors are engaged in product research and development in the company.

Huazhong CNC’s CNC devices with independent intellectual property rights have formed a series of products of high, medium and low grades. Based on the previous technology accumulation, the company integrated the research and development tasks of three major national special projects, and aimed at the level of foreign CNC systems. Introduced the new products of Huazhong 8 series numerical control system, hundreds of sets have been applied to the numerical control machine tools listed in the national major special projects; the performance indicators of the servo drive and spindle drive device with independent intellectual property rights have reached the international level, and the self-developed 5-axis Hundreds of linked CNC systems have been successfully applied in the automotive, energy, aviation and other fields. More than 60 special CNC systems developed by the company are used in textile machinery, woodworking machinery, glass machinery, and injection molding machinery. The company’s thermal imaging cameras have been widely used in steel, energy, chemical, medical and other industries.

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